Healing Ministry Seminar

The power of the Holy Spirit was made evident during this dynamic healing seminar. Our spirit-led speakers shared expert knowledge and experience and provided insight and tools on how to pray for healing for yourself and others. 

Embark on a journey of learning as you absorb wisdom and understanding about healing through the power of Jesus Christ. Following are resources from the seminar.

Session 1

Faith & the Authority of the Believer Greg Berglund (Emergency Physician, Pastor)

Session 2

Emotional & Spiritual Healing & Emotional Healing Resources
Debbie Klaver (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Session 3

Evangelism & Healing in the Workplace Arthur Erdman (Director of Medical Devices Center) & David Melander (Senior Vice President of Neos Discovery Capital)

Session 4

I Give You What I Have Greg Berglund


Diane Armstrong or 651-797-7800