Council Meeting Minutes

These minutes were approved electronically on November 4, 2022

Council of Elders Meeting Minutes: 01-Nov-2022

Members Present: Pastor TJ Anderson, Mary Fonken-Holden, Linda Kordosky, Mark Mueller, Steve Eckhardt, Gary Engelbrecht, Loree Petersen, Gunnar Unger, Dan Davis, John Oldfield (ex-officio)

Members Absent: None

Mary called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Opening Prayer

Gary opened with prayer.

Approval of Agenda

Gunnar made a motion to approve the amended agenda with the addition of Staff Retreat Review. Linda seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Ratification of the Electronically Approved Minutes

Steve made a motion to ratify the electronically approved 04-Oct-2022 minutes. Loree seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Amendment to Purchase Agreement

John reported on having several conversations with the land developer of the senior housing project. The developer has asked to extend the condition date of the land purchase to June 1, 2023. Dan made a motion for the extension of the land purchase to June 1, 2023. Gary seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. Mary signed the paperwork, “Third Amendment to Purchase Agreement.”

Sidewalk Project at the NHCA

The sidewalk project at North Heights Christian Academy is completed. Pete Nasvik and Paul Gramith were the volunteers who directed this project. A special thank you to them and all the other volunteers who assisted with the sidewalk project. Mary will send thank you cards to these dedicated servants.

Collingsworth Family

Over 800 people attended the Collingsworth Family event. A special thank you to the 40 volunteers who served at this event and staff, Nancy Goodmanson and Cindy “Sparky” Anderson, who coordinated the event and volunteers. Loree will send thank you cards to these people.

Ministry Opportunities at North Heights

Amanda Withers, receptionist, put together an alphabetized list with descriptions of the North Heights ministries. This Connect Center Ministries Info will be at the Connect Center and available to new members. John will discuss with Hannah Varberg, Communications Coordinator, about putting this information on the NHLC website.

Pastor TJ shared about the Thanksgiving Eve service, which will be held at the Roseville location. There will be 5 people giving testimonies about how grateful they are with Jesus in their lives.

Key of David Report (Voter Card)

So far there have been 500 tickets sold for this event of worship and prayer on behalf of our nation. Pastor TJ along with 3 other pastors from different churches will be involved. Voter cards will be available with a website and links to voting information. Tickets at the door are now reduced to $10.

Staff Retreat Review

Pastor TJ reported on the staff retreat, which was held last Wednesday, October 26. The focus was on looking and evaluating the NHLC ministries, how we lead, how we can be better, and where God is leading. The staff leadership team led the retreat with the teaching done by Brandon Peterson, Engineer/Technical Services, and Hannah Varberg, Communications Coordinator. Table discussion facilitators were Michelle Conlin, Kids’ Ministry Coordinator; Nancy Goodmanson, Weddings and Events Coordinator; and Fred Thoni, Healing Ministry Director.

God Moments

Shared by each member.
Steve provided the closing prayer.

At 7:55 pm Mark moved the meeting to be closed. Steve seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Kordosky
NHLC Council Secretary


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