Council of Elders

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tj female Gunner
TJ Anderson
Senior Pastor
Loree Petersen
Linda Kordosky
Vice President
man Steve
Wally Bomgren
Steve Eckhardt Mike Laseter


Rob Fitzer
Dean Dvorak

Gunnar Unger


First Tuesday, 7pm, Arden Hills Room 105
North Heights members are welcome to observe.

Council News

Elected at the May 21 meeting:


  • Mike Laseter
  • Rob Fitzer
  • Dean Dvorak


  • Beth McMahon
  • Harris Ratnayake

Nominating Committee

  • Allen Dick
  • Rhonda Mostrom
  • Sharon Kimmes

School Board

  • Lauri Pickett
  • Mary Fonken-Holden

Roseville Campus Worship Survey Report - May 2024
The Council of Elders thanks you for participating in our Roseville campus worship survey. Many of you shared concerns and fears about the future for Roseville worship, but you also said you were committed to prayer. As Jesus said, “Fear not, little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32, ESV). Indeed we need not fear, because He has given us His Holy Spirit, the same Spirit of power that raised Jesus from the dead. Please continue your prayers for our church.
We have tabulated the survey input, and we want to share that we have heard you. Here are our key take-aways from RV Survey:

1) The reasons that we attend and worship at Roseville are: guidance of the Holy Spirit, focus on Jesus our Savior, and reliance on the Bible as God’s
    inspired Word. Many of you commented that worship at Roseville brings you into God’s presence.
2) We heard that you want to retain a Blended Style of Worship.
3) You value having a live person giving the message instead of a screen.
4) You highly value Communion every Sunday.
5) You told us that you would like the Bulletins to have more information on the week’s events.
6) Participation in the life of our church (especially our Roseville campus) is important to your personal spiritual growth.
7) You desire to serve others in reaching out to our community in sharing the Gospel – but many of you are unsure about what that looks like.

Your survey inputs are already guiding the Council in forming a Search Committee for the next Roseville campus Worship Leader. Survey responses will help this committee craft the new worship leader job description, which will be posted and shared as soon as possible.

Land Sale Amendment #4 (Approval)

On May 30, 2023, the Developers put forth a 4th amendment with a condition date of May 31, 2024. Due to the market conditions of construction costs and interest rates, the buyers are postponing the purchase. They have agreed to a list of milestones with specific dates moving forward and an increase in earnest money.

The Council approved Amendment #4 and authorize Mary, President of the Congregation to sign it.

Arden Hills Land Sale Update 9/6/22

We are pleased to report we have obtained approval from the government agencies on the Comprehensive Plan which allows North Heights and the developer to move ahead with the next step leading to the sale of the land. For the next step, the developer is preparing the building plans and site concept for submission to the City of Arden Hills. Copies of the preliminary plans are now available in the narthex at Roseville and door A & B at Arden Hills. Currently we anticipate closing on the sale in the first quarter of 2023 with construction taking approximately one year. Later in the process, we will be reaching out to gauge the interest in North Heights families in receiving detailed information on rental opportunities.

For the site drawing #1, click here. For the site drawing #2, click here

Arden Hills Campus

1700 West Highway 96, Arden Hills
Saint Paul, MN


Roseville Campus

2701 North Rice Street
Roseville, MN


(651) 797-7800