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GrowthTrack 101–Find Faith in Jesus

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GrowthTrack (100-400)

Jesus tells us it’s “now time” to be making an eternal impact in the lives of those around us! GrowthTrack is our transformational series of classes that will equip us as we engage in God’s vision for North Heights as devoted followers of Jesus. This class series is for everyone of all ages who calls North Heights home. 

In each GrowthTrack class, we will connect with God and each other as we are encouraged by God’s Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We will be equipped to bring God’s love, hope, healing, and freedom to the people who so desperately need it. 

GrowthTrack 100
101-104: (January–April 2021)

GrowthTrack 200
201–204: Overview of Healing and Prophesy (Fall 2021)

GrowthTrack 300
301–304: Healing (Winter 2022)

GrowthTrack 400
401–404: Prophesy (Spring 2022)

GrowthTrack 100
This class series helps us understand what the North Heights Vision means and how to live it out.

North Heights Vision
Led by the Holy Spirit, North Heights engages all people to find faith in Jesus, discover their God-given purpose, and equips them to lead lives of eternal significance.

GrowthTrack 100
101–Find Faith in Jesus (January)
102–Holy Spirit (February)
103–Discover Purpose (March)
104–Live Eternal Significance (April)

GrowthTrack 101–Find Faith in Jesus

January 24, Arden Hills, 9am
January 24, Roseville, 10:45am

In this first of four GrowthTrack 100 class series, Pastor Jordan engages us to explore:

  • What it means to know Jesus in a loving and growing relationship
  • How to establish or grow your relationship with Jesus

During this class, we will connect with God and each other as we engage in God's Word and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be equipped as devoted followers of Jesus.


Event Coordinator Melissa Erickson

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