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Annual Meeting


May 22, 1pm, Arden Hills, Worship Center
Nursery (infants to age 3) and lunch will be available


          12:00 Doors & Registration Open / Nursery Opens
          1:00 Welcome, Call to Order, Prayer, Scripture Reading & Worship
          1:12 North Heights Ministry Video
          1:15 Approval of Agenda
          1:20 Introduction of New Deacons
          1:30 Voting
                   • Election of Council of Elders Three open seats, three-year terms
                     Seat 1: Gunnar Unger term expires May 2022
                     Seat 2: Vickie Harris term expires May 2022
                     Seat 3: Steve Eckhardt term expires May 2022
                  • Election of Benevolence Committee Two open seats, three-year terms
                    Seat 1: Wally Bomgren term expires May 2022
                    Seat 2: Carla Rudisill (appointed) term expires May 2022
                 • Election of School Board One open seat, three-year term
                    Seat 1: Paul Gramith (appointed) term expires May 2022
                 • Election of Nominating Committee Three open seats, two-year terms
                   Seat 1: Doug Bergstrom term expires May 2022
                   Seat 2: Carleen Moser term expires May 2022
                   Seat 3: Geoff Puckett term expires May 2022
          2:00 Council President Report & Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes May 2021
          2:10 Senior Pastor Report
          2:30 Financial Reports (Audit, Endowment Fund) & Voting on Budget/Line of Credit
          2:50 Election Results (Council, Benevolence, School Board, and Nominating Committees)
          2:55 Closing Song & Prayer
          3:00 Motion to Adjourn

Event Coordinator John Oldfield

Arden Hills Campus

1700 West Highway 96
Arden Hills, MN


Roseville Campus

2701 North Rice Street
Roseville, MN


(651) 797-7800