Facility Rental FAQ

The North Heights thanks you for your interest in hosting your event with us.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions to help you plan a successful event with North Heights.

What are the hours of operation?

The standard hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-3pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm

Additional hours may be pre-arranged for your contract agreement. Plan your event to be finished and out of the building by the time indicated in your contract agreement. Please be aware that if staff is required to work beyond agreed upon times, additional charges will apply at an overtime rate.

What kitchen facilities are available?

NHLC has a full catering department and several commercially licensed kitchens on their campuses and must meet the rules and regulations of government licensing agencies. Only food prepared in a licensed kitchen, and in its original sealed package, are allowed in the building(s). No home prepared food is allowed.

Only NHLC staff, under the direction of the Licensed Food Protection Manager, are allowed in our commercial kitchens.

Smaller ministry kitchens may be pre-arranged with our event coordinator for your event.  

Does NHLC require insurance?

NHLC requires that your event provide a “Certificate of Insurance” which names North Heights Lutheran Church as an “Additional Insured.” This extends your event coverage to include NHLC. Most insurance companies will not charge for this addition to your certificate. Some may charge a small fee.

"Additional Insured" differs from “Proof of Insurance.” Proof of Insurance only provides proof that you carry insurance, and it only protects you in the event of a claim.

decoration guidelines

  • Open flame candles: Fire Department regulations prohibit open flame candles.
  • Glitter and sequins: Do not use glitter or sequins. If glitter or sequins are found in our facility after your event, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.
  • NHLC owned items: Do not move items belonging to NHLC into your rented space, such as furniture, plants, and tables.

Can I post outdoor signs for my event?

NHLC does not allow outdoor signs. City regulations require outdoor signage permits and fees.

Can I post signs inside the building?

Signs are allowed within the building, as long as they are placed in NHLC sign holders. Do not tape signs on walls or doors. NHLC sign holders can be requested from the Events Department. 

Can I put flyers on cars in the parking lot?

NHLC does not allow flyers to be placed on cars in our parking lot.

Does NHLC provide security?

NHLC does not provide security for outside events.

If security or traffic control at the highway 96 entrance is needed for your event, make arrangements with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office (RCS). The RCS is the only approved source for outside security. Arrangements and costs associated with security and traffic control are the sole responsibility of the client. The NHLC Events Coordinator can provide you with RCS contact information and help coordinate the service.

Call 911 if you have a security or medical emergency during your event.

Is smoking or alcohol allowed during my event?

All NHLC campuses are smoke and alcohol free.

  • Alcohol is not allowed in the buildings or on the grounds
  • Smoking is permitted outside only - at a distance of 20 feet from all buildings

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the buildings or on the grounds.

What technical services are available for my event?

  • NHLC has professional technical audio, video and lighting services and equipment to assist with your event

For further questions, contact  or complete the Events Inquiry Form.

Arden Hills Campus

1700 West Highway 96, Arden Hills
Saint Paul, MN


Roseville Campus

2701 North Rice Street
Roseville, MN


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