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COVID-19 contact for trace testing

With the county wide increase in the number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 the Minnesota Department of health has asked North Heights for help in conducting trace testing
If you or your child have been at any of our campuses on or after November 10, 2020, and have received a positive test for COVID-19,  please send an email to our COVID-19 administrator at .
Let's all work together in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other safe.
Posted by John Oldfield

Face Mask: To Wear or Not To Wear, That is the Question

I know that there are many who are allowing this to be the issue of contention. I have made a decision that if not wearing a mask would offend someone, or give them fear, I will wear a mask. “If eating meat would cause my brother to stumble, I will eat no meat”. However, especially to the person who is a believer in Christ, and is offended and is angry because of fear of someone not wearing a mask, know this… you can “trust in the Lord and not be afraid”. The real concern that makes us susceptible to weakness is allowing an open door to fear and anger to control us. The real issue for us all is that we become more than ‘socially distant’. It is that we allow ourselves to become ‘spiritually distant’ and divided as a nation!

We must guard our heart from being easily offended, divided, angry, separated and bitter.

  • When the world is bitter, we must be better.
  • When the world is in hate, we must be in love.
  • When the world is unforgiving, we must forgive.
  • When the world is always offended, we show mercy.
  • When the world is angry, we must be patient.
  • When the world is blaming others, we must bless others.
  • When the world is in darkness, we must be the light.
  • When the world is divided, we must be united.

By the way… To me, the mask I am concerned about is not the ‘veil’ over a face, it is the veil over a heart. This is the real veil that hides the presence and love of God from the world. The veil of anger, lack of mercy, spiritual pride and a critical, judgmental spirit. Together, Let’s make every effort to remove that veil so that the world will know us by our faith, hope and love!

Written by Mike Smith, Senior Pastor of Redeeming Love Church. Shared with permission.

Posted by Mike Smith


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