A Stellar VBS

214 kids were part of our VBS this year (the most we’ve had in 8 years!), and the North Heights Arden Hills building was full of joy and excitement!

When we untangle the noise and activity of the week, we find many little moments where God’s love illuminated and the light of Jesus was evident.

There was the moment of discussion around the snack table where kids talked about when they’ve felt left out. Kids were honest and open about a topic that many adults avoid.

Then there was the wild excitement when crying out “hosanna!” with palms. Even more excitement followed the next day when singing “this little light of mine” with bright tea lights. 

We also experienced a moment of generosity as kids raised over $300 for children of the Dwelling Place. 

Another moment happened when Astronaut Micky Wey (Pastor TJ Anderson) was planning to pile up moon rocks to fall on his friend. One kid in the blue group cried out “Don’t do it!!”, and soon the room was filled with shouts of “don’t do it!!” (along with shouts from a few boys who, of course, were chanting “Do it! Do it!”).

During games outside, there were moments of endurance and connection where kids came together to work as a team despite frustrations and annoyances.

Many moments happened throughout the week where kids learned to “shine Jesus’ light”: when the life feels dark, when people don’t get along, when good things happen, and when people are sad.

Finally came a moment of salvation for many where kids repeated after TJ and Jordan to say the salvation prayer together.

It was beautiful to see that in the flurry of excitement, activity, and noise, there was a pause. Kids stopped and listened. They pondered. Words sank in. Internally, they may have understood a little more and taken another step toward Jesus.

We praise God that Jesus was with each of the 214 kids, illuminating His love and teaching them how to shine His light. Thank you to all our volunteers and staff for making this a Stellar VBS! See you next year for “Scuba: Diving into friendship with God.”  

Posted by Hannah Varberg

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