Interpretation of Tongues | Sunday, September 18, 2022

During our church service on Sunday, September 18, Fred Thoni received a tongue and an interpretation and shared it with our church family. Below is the written version. To see the live version, view the message

Do you see me, my people; do you see me? Do you see me, or do you see the darkness around you?

See me (says the LORD). See me. See me, my people. See me.

Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid, for the light that I give you is far greater than any darkness that comes upon you.

I am the light of the World. I am with you; I am for you, and I move amongst you.

I give you my grace. It is sufficient for your every need.

I give you my light to be a light in the darkness. Go into the darkness, and let the world know that I am the Lord God Almighty.

I have risen from the dead, and I am with you. It is my desire to draw all to my loving heart that they might know me, live with me, and dwell with me forever.

Therefore, do not be afraid, beloved. Do not be afraid.

Shine. Shine. Let the love of the Lord shine. And you will see the darkness dispelled and the evil one fall.

Posted by Fred Thoni

Prophecy Given at 75th Anniversary Service

The following is a prophecy from someone at our North Heights family:

As I was praying for our service today, the Lord showed me a picture of us joyfully worshipping Him; we were singing to Him with outstretched arms, dancing, loving on others around us, soaked in His presence!

He said:

Tell my North Heights children how much I love them.

I am gathering them in my arms today in unity and healing and peace as they celebrate all I have done in these 75 years.

I will fill them now with joy and great expectation for all I have planned for North Heights in the next 25 years and even far beyond that. 

Look to me, my precious children and receive my love, my joy, my hope. 

You are my beloved and adored children, and I have such great plans for you. Rejoice in me as I rejoice in you. 

We are so excited for the plans God has for North Heights, and we're so thankful for all He's already done. To see Shoreview Press's article about 75 years of North Heights' history, click here

Posted by Fred Thoni

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