Celebrate New Membership

6 people recently made the decision to invest more deeply in North Heights' vision by becoming members! From Catholic backgrounds to unchurched backgrounds, these individuals' stories were carefully and intentionally written by God. Meet the new members, hear their stories, and celebrate their decisions! 

Pauline DiMaggio

Pauline came from a strict Catholic family and went into the convent for about 3 years. She left the convent in search of a better relationship with God by way of yoga and other spiritual avenues. Becoming disenchanted, Pauline moved back to MN, found a church where she felt the Holy Spirit, and was baptized. She has served as a counselor for many years. In time, she found her way to North Heights by invitation from a friend to the passion plays. Pauline enjoys both the Arden Hills and Roseville campuses.

Laurie & Phillip Lawin

Laurie Lawin: Laurie was brought up Catholic and married into the Lutheran faith. They brought up their children Lutheran but felt something was missing in the church she attended. When Covid hit, the doors were shut to her church home. Not wanting to go to church online, Laurie needed to find a church she could physically attend. She was happy that despite the difficulties of the Covid lockdown, she was led to North Heights because of it.

Phillip Lawin: Phillip was brought up Lutheran. If the pastors are motivating, God is moving. But he said, “I’m here because Laurie is here!”

Diane Lenort

Diane came from a Catholic background and is from southern MN, where she could not find a job. She came to the cities and got a job working with food service for schools. Diane found North Heights through a friend who invited her to many Jerry and Ginger Dallin events and the passion plays. Diane enjoys the Arden Hills and Roseville campuses.

Sandy Nelson

Sandy was brought up in the Missouri Synod. She is part of the NH counseling clinic and part of the Wednesday morning women’s Bible Study. She really enjoys North Heights and felt called to be part of our congregation. When the bookstore finally reopens, Sandy is very interested in working there and wants more people to more involved in our mobile library!

Michelle Conlin

Michelle is our kids' ministry coordinator here at North Heights. Michelle grew up in Arkansas with her family. When a neighbor introduced her family to a church with a church bus, Michelle’s parents allowed her to attend services weekly. It was there that Michelle accepted Jesus into her heart. This moment of accepting Jesus as a kid eventually inspired her to lead kids' ministry as an adult. Michelle worked in ministry here in the Twin Cities before finding her way to North Heights two years ago.

Welcome New Members!

12 people recently made North Heights their permanent home by becoming members! Hear their stories below. 

Wellington Family (Katie, Kyah, Grace, and Alphonso)

My journey at North Heights began when my family moved back to the Twin Cities in 1991. My parents purchased a home just a mile and a half away from North Heights. At that time, North Heights had just become my grandparents' church home. I remember starting to attend right away. We loved the preaching of Pastor Vagenes and felt at home at North Heights. I was ten years old when we started to attend. I am so grateful for the seeds that were planted in me during my youth. 

Fast forward 30 years, and I am now back living in Minnesota and back at North Heights. Jesus has carried me through a very hard season in recent years. It is actually hard to put into words how grateful I am that I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. To know how much God loves me, to know that he chose me, he forgives me, he heals me, that he restores my soul is everything. I am so grateful that God has called me and my children back to North Heights Church. I desire for God to use us for HIS GLORY! Let us lift up the name of Jesus on high!!! -Katie Wellington

Briana Dexter

I went to a private school and was introduced to faith at a young age through my mother's influence. I quickly drifted away as I got older. However, after being invited to join Alpha, and hearing of a free meal as a college student, I decided to join. Since then I have strengthened my faith exponentially and was reaffirmed through baptism on 11/21/21 at North Heights.

Gary Quam

I came to North Heights in 2012 when I met my wife, who was a long-time member and was involved in the counseling program and the Passion Play. I have been coming here ever since. I was a member at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis before. We were married at North Heights by Pastor Wiese.  

The Koys (Charee, Raidan, Solaina, Briella, and Joy Wang)

I have been searching for a “church home” since 2010. We have attended local churches but nothing felt like “home.” I had to drag myself and my children out each Sunday morning. During Covid-19 lockdowns I discovered bible teaching pastors online. Through their teachings, I discovered God’s word in a way I had never before experienced it. I was hungry for more and waited with great anticipation for the next teaching.  

In January 2021, God lead me to enroll my children in Christian schools. I discovered NHCA and immediately knew that this is where my girls belonged. I was impressed with the school’s bible based foundation to education. Given that the school was a ministry of North Heights, I had hoped I had finally found my “church home." During my first 6 weeks attending the Roseville location, I was so overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit that I wept through each service. God confirmed that I was where he had called me to be. I couldn’t wait to go to church each Sunday morning. Over the past year, my children and I have loved the weekly teaching of God’s word, the praise worship, and the friendly community of Jesus followers we have found at North Heights. God is so, so good!! -Charee Koy & family

Lori Giampaolo

I am a lifelong Lutheran that has spent many years going to church when I could. Major life events caused me to surrender completely to the Lord which deepened my faith.  Now I am looking forward to a more Spirit filled faith journey at North Heights.

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