Prophetic Word for North Heights

July 24, 2020


The following prophetic word was recently shared with me. I believe it  is solid and true.  Please prayerfully read and study this grace message from the Father’s heart.

Blessings to all, 

Fred Thoni
North Heights Director of Healing Ministries

Recently, I felt the Lord say to me that North Heights is an "ice breaker"  (ship).

I was unsure what an ice breaker ship was like, so I researched it.

I learned that ice breakers differ from cruise ships, personal yachts, freight transport, etc., because of their unique purpose and design. They are different from other vessels in structure, shape and by their extreme power that is needed to navigate through sea ice. They burst through the ice blockade, so others may follow behind them.

I am hearing the Lord speak this word to North Heights:

Come aboard now, it is time to leave the port. I am calling you all, come with Me. Some of you have already packed your bags and are running to My ship, others are hesitant and unsure if they should come aboard.

We are going on a holy journey, my North Hts. children, and I need you all to join and be with Me.  The enemy has sought to weaken my church, through confusion and division, but I am here to call you back to Me in love and unity. I need you all with Me on this journey.  We are departing soon, leaving behind the familiar and old ways and heading out into uncharted waters. I will be with you, I will lead and direct you, I will protect you.  

This is a world of pain and fear and suffering and we are going on a search and rescue mission.  We will reach those that have been forgotten, those that are lost and hopeless, those that are walking in darkness and deep despair.

I need you, My North Heights children, I am calling you to join Me in unity and love. My heart is breaking and yearning for My lost and hurting sheep that have wandered so far away from me.

Trust Me. Follow Me. It is for such a time as this that I have resurrected you with healing and strength, new life and purpose.

Trust Me, take My hand and come forward with Me, come aboard and be expectant, excited for all of the plans I have for you in this new season...there will be great joy and rejoicing as we move forward together.

So many are suffering and I need you now... be My hands and feet, My Light and Love.

I love you, My precious children. I love you.

Come. Now. It is the fullness of time.

Posted by Fred Thoni


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