How God Is Changing Lives in India

Meet Suman John, one of the North Heights global workers who works with YWAM and has a very fruitful and transformative ministry among slum dwellers in Pune, India.

Her ministry provides schooling/tuition to 60 children, sewing/vocational skills training for young women at risk for childhood marriage and/or sex trafficking, and widow ministry (counseling, food provision, etc.) to widows who are rejected in Indian society/culture. She also provides medical services and help to the slum dwellers who have no other medical help.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, 10 young girls lost one or both of their parents to the disease. That put them directly in harm’s way to abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness, etc. Suman contacted a Christian facility that provides housing (hostel), education (schooling), food, etc. mostly for wealthy people who want their children to have a good education and future. She negotiated with the director of that facility to give an enormously discounted cost to take these 10 vulnerable girls and house/feed/educate them until they are 18 and out of harm’s way. It was an incredible opportunity to change the lives of these girls. However the cost was still very, very high by Indian Standards.

Various people and churches joined together to help provide the finances needed. But still there was a gap. North Heights Church stepped up and filled in that gap. North Heights provided the final finances needed to get those 10 girls into that safe hostel situation. The girls are now flourishing, learning, growing, and being discipled. They are so grateful that they are safe and being educated for a better/hopeful future.

Thank you to the North Heights congregation for participating in life-changing transformative Kingdom work! God is using you to change lives.

Posted by Hannah Varberg

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