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Interpretation of Tongues | Sunday, March 20, 2022

During the March 20 church service at Arden Hills, Fred Thoni had a word in tongues and an interpretation. See below for the interpretation, and let this be an encouragement for the church family!

Am I not, am I not the resurrection and the life?

Am I not the one who has paid the price for you to be free? To be washed? To be cleansed?

Am I not the one who walks among you by the power of my presence with you?

Know that I am the God who heals the broken heart.

I am the God who comforts those who grieve, those that are broken.

Am I not the God who makes all things new?

And behold I walk amongst you. Behold I draw near to you. I am the Lord your God, and I cherish you. You are a delight to me, and you are mine. I bought you with my own blood.

I say you are mine, and I call you to be not afraid. Be not afraid but know that I am with you. Together we go forward to bring the light of my kingdom into a dark and fearful world.

The world is crying out, my people. The world is crying out for hope, for encouragement, for truth. You have it! For I am with you. Make my love known to those around you. Not just within this place but wherever you go.

Make my light known, and you will see my kingdom come, my will be done in the world around you as light breaks out and overcomes the darkness.

Posted by Fred Thoni

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