An Un-Optional Commission: Give. Pray. Go.

*This is an extended version of what was in the Fall Launch booklet. 

An un-optional commission was given to us by Christ Himself: “Go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

The all nations piece creates the global vision for all followers of Jesus. This vision of “going” isn’t just next door or across the country; it’s going “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). To fulfill this, we have the following routes: Give. Pray. Go. Your job is to choose at least one. Which one will you choose and commit to this year?


Churches outside the US often don’t have as many resources to do ministry as we do. They are forced to get creative to reach people, and God works tremendously through little funds. However, more funds are needed to do things such as purchase or rent bigger buildings to fit the growing faith community, hand out Bibles and supplies to the community, start livestreaming services, buy instruments for worship, obtain resources to get children out of sex trafficking, put on outreach events, and more.

This is exactly why North Heights is committed to support our global partners around the world. We need your help to do this. Will you consider giving a gift so that the gospel reaches the lost around the world?

Click here, and choose “Global Missions” under Funding.


Remember the nations in your prayers. The spiritual battlegrounds are brutally intense in the nations, and when you pray, you are entering them for just a moment and fighting for life and salvation. There are dozens of countries where fewer than 1% personally know Jesus. Access to the gospel is limited or, in some places, completely unavailable. Your prayers are essential. Consider choosing a country or people group each day, learning about the prayer needs through Joshua Project, and dedicating time to prayer.


The laborers are few, and Jesus called us to “Go.” Where is God calling you? As followers of Jesus, we are called to a life of surrender. Surrender goes deep and gets real when it affects our home, culture, jobs, cars, luxuries. Are we willing to give all that up to follow where God is calling us to go? Becoming a global partner doesn’t always have to be a permanent move. Going could be 2 years, 1 year, or even a month to another country. Going overseas for the sake of Christ doesn’t always need a lifetime. But it always requires surrender. 

Prayerfully consider this option, and look into the following agencies: YWAM, AGWM World Missions, Wycliffe, Bethany Gateways.

Bonus Option: Go Glocal

In such a time as this, we have a unique privilege. The nations are coming to us. Glocal is the unique combination of global and local; you don’t need to move across the world to share the gospel with those from other countries. The University of Minnesota alone has 8,861 international students from 124 different countries. The majority of these students aren’t ever invited into an American home, and many are lonely and depressed in the transition of culture shock.

The Hospitality Center is a benevolent partner of North Heights that intentionally creates space for Americans to create deep friendships with international students. There are many volunteer opportunities that you could sign up for today: You could pick a student up from the airport and be the first welcoming face a student sees. You could sign up for a friendship match and meet with an international student regularly. Your small group could host dinners for students twice a month. You could host a student for a holiday. Visit their website to see details about this timely opportunity.

There is urgent work to do. What’s keeping you away from this critical investment into the global vision? In Isaiah 6, God asks, “who will go?” Our prayer is that you will cry out, “Here I am. Send me.”

Meet New Members!

Let's warmly welcome our new members to the family! Below, meet the 22+ people who decided to make North Heights their permanent home. 

Samantha Schildwachter, Fred Cornelius, and Katie Friese

Samantha Schildwachter: I am Samantha. I'm 35 years old, and I have autism and mild hypotonic cerebral palsy! I love working with kids of all ages and abilities! I also enjoy spending time with family and love being outdoors.

Fred Cornelius: I started coming here back in 1980. I contacted love lines in the newspaper for a singles group, and they gave me North Heights.

Katie Friese: The main thing that drew me to North Heights was the people. Everyone I met said hi to me and welcomed me. I have a variety of interests including sewing, baking, hiking, going on great adventures, and having deep conversations. If you want to make a new friend, come say hi!

Charmaine Wahlstrom Shodde, Dana Broberg, Aneisha DeNio, and Sondra Severson 

Charmaine Wahlstrom Shodde: I'm returning to North Heights to get back my spiritual roots. From 1980 to 2000, my family and I were involved in North Heights. I live with my husband on a hobby farm in Corcoran, MN and spend winters in Florence, AZ. I'm glad to be back!

Dana Broberg: I love to pray and study.

Aneisha DeNio: Our family joined North Heights to find God and a community that values the word of God and family.

Sondra Severson: Description coming soon! 

Meseret Danno (& Asfaw Silga), Lori Jansen, Lorenzo Gamez, and Michael Zachary

Meseret Danno & Asfaw Silga: We like to read the Bible, tell people what we have learned, and like to encourage people with the word of God.

Lori Jansen: I have three daughters and nine grandkids and have been divorced two times. I love to quilt and crochet. I currently work at a childcare center in the infant room as an assistant teacher.

Lorenzo Gamez: I'm in MNTC in recovery and have turned my life to Jesus. I walk Jesus. I talk Jesus. I breathe Jesus. I hear Jesus. I smell Jesus. I think Jesus. I know Jesus. If Jesus isn't in my life, life ain't worth living!

Michael Zachary: Hello, I'm Michael, I'm looking forward to living my life through Christ. I'm excited to see what God has planned for me and my family.

Emily Downey, Diane (& William) Oman, Kaarl (& Anne) Nasvik, and Elly (& Emmanuel)

Emily Downey: Hello, my name is Emily. I'm still learning how to walk in Christ’s ways, but I do read the good Word. I'm excited to learn and dive into more on our Lord Jesus within North Heights. 

Diane & William Oman: We first attended North Heights in the '70s for about a year. We moved to Grand Rapids Minnesota, where we raised our family. In 2021, we moved back to be near our family who now live in the area. During our time up north, we visited North Heights for special events such as the Holy Spirit conference. Now we are here again, wanting to connect with the people and mission of North Heights.

Elly & Emmanuel: We are blessed with two beautiful daughters; we thank God that we have found a good place for worship. Elly's hobbies include site seeing and travelling, watching movies, decors, listening to audible, walking, and cooking. Emmanuel's hobbies include walking, watching sports (especially football, American soccer), basketball etc, site seeing, and traveling to new places.

Richard Smith, Jackie & Mark Favre, Tonya Bellamy, and Jesse Fultz

Richard Smith: I spent my career as an electrical engineer. Since retiring, I have enjoyed traveling with my wife to various countries. I look forward to getting involved in working with North Heights Lutheran Church to spread the gospel.

Jackie Favre: We started attending North Heights in the late 1990s and have been married for 30 years. I have been fortunate to be a stay at home mom and work for my husband's business. We have three adult children who love the Lord. We are excited to take the step to be members at North Heights and look forward to the journey ahead.

Mark Favre: I was born again in 1978 and was married to my wife Jackie 30 years ago. We started attending North Heights Arden Hills in the late '90s. I love racquetball, golf and flying. We live in New Brighton and I'm self-employed with a financial service company. We have three kids, Ryan 27, Lauren, 24, and Ethan 19. I am very blessed to have North Heights as my church and look forward to our future and in what God has for me.

Posted by Hannah Varberg

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